Rhythm and Latin Ballroom Dance Classes

Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Center Commack, NY.


Great for new ballroom dancers, Rumba is a slow sensual dance, that helps you learn basic ballroom dance movement, timing and connection. In the video below you will see many of the basic ballroom steps and connections you will learn in classes at the Arthur Murray Dance Center in Commack.


Bolero is a slow romantic dance with latin hip and arm styling. In the video below Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo perform a Bolero on Dancing with the Stars.


Get those hips moving! This one is straight from the Caribbean.


Hot fun and sexy, salsa has it all! Mambo is a cousin of the Salsa, the two ballroom dances share many patterns and styles. In the video below Helio and Julianne from Dancing with the Stars perform a red hot Mambo dance routine.

Cha Cha

Express yourself! Because of it’s energetic rhythms, this Latin dance allows you to really let loose and have fun. In the video below our instructors dance the Rumba and Cha Cha at our Fall Ballroom Showcase.


Although the Samba is known for it’s rhythmic bounce, it is danced with a smooth, light feel.


A high energy dance characterized by sharp kicks that emulate “pumping of the legs”.

Swing/East Coast Swing

Whether you know it as the Jitterbug, Lindy Hop or Swing, this is America’s dance. Developed in the 1930’s, Swing has been enjoyed by every generation since.


With the release of “Saturday Night Fever” in the 1970’s, this dance craze swept the nation and has remained popular ever since. If you like fast pace and style then Hustle is for you.In the video below Susan Lucci and Tony Dovolani dance the Hustle on Dancing with the Stars.

West Coast Swing

Let’s see that attitude! The blues rhythm of West Coast Swing lets you strut your stuff. West Coast Swing is a playful mix of swing and jazz movements. It can be danced to many stlyes of music including; blues, swing, jazz and contemporary Top 40 tunes.

Smooth and Standard Ballroom Dances

At the Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Center in Commack, NY we teach all of the most popular smooth ballroom dances. Here are dance descriptions and videos that will help you get to know the dances a little better and maybe you’ll find a favorite!

Fox Trot

A classic ballroom dance, Fox Trot sweeps across the floor as the women create beautiful lines and the men lead with smooth grace and power. Watch this sample video of Fox Trot dance patterns you can learn in ballroom dance classes at Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Centers.



One of the first dances where men and women actually touched each other, Waltz remains a romantic exchange of twirls and elegance as men and women glide to slower tempo music commonly heard at Weddings and Galas around New York City. In the video below you will see two ballroom dance teachers from the Arthur Murray Dance Center in Merrick, NY dance the Waltz and American Tango.

American Tango

Known for its dramatic and beautiful movements the Tango is danced throughout the world in various styles.


Viennese Waltz

Though similar to the Waltz, the Viennese Waltz has a style and grace all of its own which will whirl you around the dance floor.



A quick and energetic dance that will move you around the floor.


Argentine Tango

A powerfully intimate dance that draws partners close together. This dance is often characterized by sharp kicks and flicks.


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